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J. Samuel Park

J. Samuel Park is a Utah businessman and former President of the Illinois Nauvoo Mission. He was the original franchisee of 16 Marie Callender Pie Restaurants in Utah and other Western states. After these restaurants were sold, he founded Western Country Pies a national wholesale frozen food manufacturer and distributor. He built and operated, the Canyon Racquet Club, the largest indoor Tennis facility of its day. He presently serves as a consultant to Rocky Mountain Pies of Utah and serves on their board of directors. He has served in many capacities in the community and in the Church. He was President of the Oregon-Portland Mission from 1986-9 and since has been twice a Bishop. While in Nauvoo he was a member of the Interfaith Council (Ministerial Association) and was instrumental in the opening of the Nauvoo Temple and the Nauvoo Pageant.


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