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Operation of Nauvoo University has been discontinued as of September 1, 2010


Our mission is the same as that given to the original University of Nauvoo by Joseph Smith in 1841:

"The University of the City of Nauvoo will enable us to teach our children wisdom -- to instruct them in all knowledge, and learning, in the Arts, Sciences and Learned Professions. We hope to make this institution one of the great lights of the world, and by and through it, to diffuse that kind of knowledge which will be of practical utility, and for the public good, and also for private and individual happiness."
--- Joseph Smith (Jan. 15th, 1841 Times and Seasons vol. 2, p. 274)


The three objectives identified by Joseph Smith constitute the objectives of the new Nauvoo University:

  1. "Practical utility": Every college student should be employable and able to take his or her place in society upon graduation. The first goal of Nauvoo University is to assist each student in obtaining the education needed to be a productive member of society.
  2. "The public good": Each student will be trained in the need for, and joy that comes through, service. The Nauvoo University will consider that they have achieved this second university objective if graduates engage in service for the rest of their lives.
  3. "Private and individual happiness" Joseph Smith taught that, “the glory of God is intelligence” (D&C 93:36), and that “we are saved no faster than we gain intelligence”. Individual happiness and joy comes when we understand the world around us, who we are, who God is, and what the purpose of life is. The third goal of Nauvoo University will be to provide a liberal arts education with emphasis on studying not only the world classics, letters, arts, sciences, but also religion and philosophy.


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